Monday, January 6, 2014

At Narita

We're in the downstairs ANA Lounge after a great flight in the Boeing Dreamliner on ANA. The configuration in our row was three across; Kathy had a seat next to the window and Brian had a center seat all to himself with a spacious shelf on each side.

It was frankly wonderful and we slept well for a few hours. One minor nuisance resolved itself: Neither Air Canada in Vancouver nor ANA in Seattle could print our Thai Airlines boarding pass for the final leg, a Star Alliance problem we've experience before.

Fortunately, Kathy carries "paper" and security let us through by basically peering at our printed itinerary; otherwise, we might have had to clear Japanese Immigration and go to a counter.

After checking in at the lounge we walked upstairs and an employee cheerfully printed out our passes.

The photos below have published themselves in reverse order from our new iPhone 5s. We don't have the energy to switch them around so just make sure to end with the cup of coffee.

It will be interesting to compare Thai's Airbus A-380 with ANA's Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Somehow we think we'll enjoy it.

Great plane, great seats, and great service on ANA.

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