Saturday, December 6, 2014

Getting High in Pudong: The Shanghai World Financial Centre

The SWFC is - for now - the tallest building in China and the third tallest in the world, at least until a taller building is completed nearby in a couple of years.

It stretches 491 meters, or 1614 feet 2 5/64 inches. It features, along with offices and the Park Hyatt Hotel, the tallest observation platform in the world - the Chinese amusingly call it the Observatory.

We even received a senior rate and rode a brisk elevator up to the mid-90s, before transferring to escalators and eventually another elevator to take us right to the very top.

It's an elegant building that features an oblong hole at the top, topped by the platform. The locals refer to it as the "Bottle Opener," in a very Australian-like nickname. It was supposed to be a circle but the mayor of the day complained it would look like the Japanese "Rising Sun" flag flying over the city. Some Chinese still harbor for historical reasons bad feelings about Japan.

In any event, Brian didn't particularly enjoy the glass-bottomed parts of the floor but eventually sneaked a little closer to the viewing windows, mainly to hand over the camera to Kathy to take photos.

On this sunny day it was well worth a visit. 

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