Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Wacky World of Airline Fares

We were peacefully watching a little bit of TV tonight when Brian picked up an e-mail alert from one of his favorite travel bloggers, Lucky at One Mile at a Time.

AMAZING DEAL: $450 Business Class Tickets Between Washington And Beijing

The experts on FlyerTalk found it as well:

AA DCA-PEK sub-$450 a/i rt in J 

We're fairly heavily booked for the first five months of the year, but after some considerable effort we found ourselves a trip between other excursions April 26-May 3. We can credit the miles to our Alaska account and the trip itself fits in between our transatlantic cruise and our May New Zealand trip.

Could we ever imagine the two of us flying to and from Washington D.C. (yes, we'll find our way there and back) for that amount of money in BUSINESS CLASS?

We'll see what develops. We're flying to China in November so need another visa in any case. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Stay tuned to whether or not AA honors this fare. 


Gregory said...

Ah to have the flexibility of members of the leisure class! I saw the deal, subtracted the number of vacation days I'm already planning to use this year from the number of days I'll earn this year, and then reluctantly had to let the deal go when I got into negative numbers. So sad, as I've wanted to get back to Beijing.

Kathy and Brian said...

Right you are. It happens we have a couple of extended trips in April and May, so we juggled hard to squeeze this one in. It's the next day and AA has not as yet made any noises one way or the other. We'll wait before booking positioning flights to see which way the other shoe drops as the wind blows, to mix metaphors.