Thursday, March 19, 2015

Alaska to Albuquerque

We flew from BLI (Bellingham) to SEA (Seattle) early this morning and relaxed with a long layover before flying onward to ABQ (Albuquerque) this afternoon.

We continue to be impressed by AS (Alaska). Flying yet again on a complimentary upgrade, Kathy discovered the Cobb Salad served for lunch was covered with blue cheese, to which she's allergic.

The flight attendant whisked it away, asked if she'd like a meal from coach, and literally within two minutes delivered a very tasty Asian Chicken-style dish.

Kathy offered to pay but there would be none of that. Another enjoyable flight, despite some bumpy air.

We picked up a new Jetta from Budget for a bargain weekend rate and are checked in at a nearby Hampton Inn.

Oh, and we love listening to our Garmin pronounce it "Alba-Quirk."

Tonight we hope to return to Budai, a great Chinese restaurant that we've visited before. That should make for a delicious start to our quick visit to the Southwest.

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