Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our 12 Months of Travel: 2015

 We counted ourselves so very fortunate to complete a lot of travel this year. After a status-match to Alaska Airlines, we found ourselves enjoying domestic trips on this friendly "little" airline that flies right out of next-door Bellingham. We've re-qualified for top-tier status in 2016 and look forward to more flights to new destinations in the coming year. 

Two highlights among many were visiting Fiji for the first time with our our Australian friends, Bill and Sue. Getting to know real Fijians and being honored as guests in their home was a wonderful experience.

Touring Europe with Avery, our second-eldest grandchild, was another highlight, and we're looking forward to another trip with Taegan, our third-eldest in March. Our month-by-month itinerary looked like this:

January 2015

France and Florida

San Diego

February 2015


March 2015

Honolulu and Albuquerque

April 2015

Transatlantic cruise on Riviera

Xi’an China

May 2015

Fiji and New Zealand

July 2015

Europe with Avery

September 2015

Kathy’s 50th HS Reunion – Durango, Colorado

October 2015

Menton, France

November 2015

Germany, Switzerland, China

December 2015

Caribbean Cruise on Regatta

It's been a good year indeed!

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