Friday, May 20, 2016

Hua Hin Marriott: Thai Buffet Night at the Amber Kitchen

We dined here every night of our stay, and were always pleased with the offerings.

Stefan, the charming young Netherlands-born restaurant manager, has been readily available for advice or just to chat. When he recommended the Thai buffet, we couldn't pass it up.

While there were few dishes we weren't familiar with, they were all tasty, with many being prepared from scratch as we watched.

Interesting to us was the fact that the food was quite spicy - Thai spicy. No surprise though since Friday happened to be the major Buddhist holiday of the year and the hotel went from low occupancy to completely full as affluent Thais arrived from Bangkok, many if not most with families, for the three-day weekend.

When Brian ordered stir-fried vegetables, the chef was not pleased with the result, and a second chef did it all over again - a great photo opportunity on that huge (Whoosh!) burner.

We saved a bit of room to try the desserts. That was fun too, although we'll admit to ultimately preferring our own pies,  cheesecakes, etc. over most Asian sweet treats. No offense meant!

Oh, we just have to mention one cute vignette. When we returned to our room Thursday night, we found drink certs and a nice letter tucked by our door.

It wasn't until Friday morning that we discovered the following letter on a counter.

Funny! Checking out mid-day Saturday, we never did take advantage of the kind offer, but what great memories we have of this resort!

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