Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Harvest Caye Wildlife Boat Tour

We used our shipboard credit to sign up for a 90-minute boat tour that turned out to be very pleasant.

The tiny island itself belongs to Nirwegian Cruise Lines, and they must have spent a shipload of money to develop it into a destination. It just opened a couple of months ago.

We boarded the smaller boat on the right 
with about 30 other passengers.

We first went looking for the local colony of manatees, those gentle vegetarian mammals that stick their snouts out of the water to breathe.

We could see their shadowy forms in the shallow water (they weigh up to 1300 pounds!) and once or twice they surfaced, but the only photos we got were of snouts.

After that we cruised toward the mainland to observe pelicans and cormorants in the mangrove trees.

A termite mound in a mangrove tree...

The guides brought a starfish and a jellyfish aboard for us to gawk at.

The jellyfish was safe in a bucket - no passing it around...

A pleasant and low-key tour.

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