Monday, May 21, 2018

A Quick Visit to Stanley, Hong Kong

It remains hot on our next-to-last day in Hong Kong, so we decide see to take it easy with a 30-minute bus ride (#973) to Stanley, the original administrative center when the British annexed Hong Kong in 1842. 

It was later named after Lord Stanley, the British politician who at one point was Canada's Governor General, amd whose name also adorns the Stanley Cup and Stanley Park in Vancouver.

The coast-hugging bus route is scenic and twisty, and the Hong Kong bus drivers turn roads like this into carnival rides.

It proved to be a quiet Monday at Stanley, which includes a small public market, some restaurants, and a beachfront promenade.

Note the bamboo scaffolding, common here as in other Asian locales.

It was already close to 90 degrees F (31 C), sonee retreated fairly quickly to an air conditioned restaurant,
Cia Fei, a Shanghai-style joint.

The food was more than satisfactory and we left full and happy.

We slowly made our way back up the hill to the bus terminus.

We caught #973 back without much trouble, and enjoyed the views on the ride back, including additional examples of bamboo scaffolding.

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