Friday, May 18, 2018

Hong Kong Airport Flyer #110

It's hot in Hong Kong and it's a long walk from the plane to the exit, even with a plethora of moving sidewalks. We had only a short wait at Immigration and walked through Customs with our rollaboards without delay.

We haven't done their in awhile, so Brian extracted some HK dollars from an ATM before heading outside.

We'd read the instructions to get to the bus terminal.

We didn't see instructions there to take the lift downstairs from the arrival level to get there, but that only cost us five minutes.

Thanks to the information in the link, Brian did buy the unadvertised return trip for Bus 110 for 65 HK$ each, a bit over US $8. That's a deal.

We queued for 10-15 minutes until the next bus arrived.

It's a 60-90 minute ride to stop 26, and we enjoyed the views.

Here we are.

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