Friday, May 18, 2018

Air France #188 CDG-HKG: Our Best Flight Ever?

The AF Boeing 777 offers the best overall business class configuration of the many we've experienced. The suites are roomy, including in the foot area, all of the controls (seat, video) are logical, and the suites are angled in a way to offer a pleasing sense of privacy.

The service was very good. One of a number of small but nice touches was a coat hanger with seat number attached waiting for us at our seat when we boarded. 

The food and wine were superb for plane food.

The dinner plate served includes the appetizer, cheese, and dessert.

The flight attendant delivers the main course, sweet-and-sour shrimp for Brian, on a second run.

We both slept well - maybe five or six hours - and woke up in time for a lovely breakfast.

After some extended turbulence, we made it to the lavatories to change our of our sleeping shirts, we were watching islands below us on the plane's camera, and we were landing.

We may just have to burn some points someday to fly Air France somewhere, since it's sadly no longer an Alaska partner. This flight was a "Wow!"

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