Thursday, February 21, 2019

Rijksmuseum: Rembrandt Sends His Regrets

The year 2019 marks the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt van Rijn’s death. There’s a major exhibit here.

All but one of Rembrandt’s paintings have been moved to a special display, and the (free) tickets are unavailable while we’re in Amsterdam.

On the bright side, the Rijksmuseum is still a great place to spend a rainy Thursday.

We queue behind a school group and wait our turn to enter.

We don’t go far before discovering some familiar portraits. The Dutch Masters are certainly masters of portraits, landscapes, and birds, living and defunct.

We could almost clink glasses with the three-dimensional Merry Fiddler by Van Honthorst.

And there, in its usual place of honor is Rembrandt’s masterpiece, the too-big-to-move Night Watch. An amazing work, and once cleaned it turned out not to be set at night, although the name stuck.

We spend several hours enjoying the art, and listening to descriptions on the free app.

Frank Hals...


And three Van Goghs to whet our appetite for the Van Gogh Museum, starting with his self-portrait after he’d had all his teeth pulled (note the sunken cheeks)...

What amazing technique that poor tormented genius had...

We even spot a Whistler, not his mother but another similarly titled female: Arrangement in Yellow and Gray.

Bad lighting for a photo, but a good day at the museum.

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