Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Trek to AMS BA Lounge 40

We depart from the Hilton and take advantage of the moving sidewalks on the way back to the terminal.


We ride down one ramp and find our way to another one to take us up to the British Airways check in counter.

All we want to do is add our Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan numbers toniur boarding passes.

That done, we wend our way through a pleasant security queue and a semi-automated passport control kiosk.

We then walk a distance through this huge airport, ride another escalator and after that a lift to arrive at a British Airways Lounge, No. 40.

According to our iPhones, we’ve walked about a mile to get from there to here, and we have lots of time to relax here, especially since our flight to Gatwick is currently 20-40 minutes delayed (supposedly “weather” on a beautiful London day). 

We have nearly four hours there before boarding our flight to Capetown, so we’re not concerned at the moment.

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