Sunday, August 1, 2021

Adventures in Travel at DFW

Our flight lands early but waits at the gate for several minutes for employees so we arrive late.

We walk along the concourse toward the signs that say Ground Transportation and eventually realize that all of the security exits are closed off (due to the late hour?). We trudge back to where we deplaned and pull our rollaboards through the door marked Baggage Claim.

We call the Tru by Hilton hotel, only to learn this “airport hotel” does not offer a shuttle.

The man running the taxi queue appears to be in the midst of a nervous breakdown, with few taxis in sight. We finally secure a rickety taxi with fellow passengers who speak no English and offer vouchers (US government?) to the driver. They’re on their way to a downtown Marriott and a Hyatt. Kathy reads it to the one woman who speaks some English and has clearly never heard of Marriott. Welcome to the USA.

The van’s headlights are not much brighter than parking lights but the roads are deserted. 15 slightly scary minutes and $30 later we arrive at the hotel. 

A sign at the front desk indicates their shuttle operates Monday to Friday - gotcha! That $100 room rate is no longer quite as much of a bargain. A Trip Advisor review is in the offing.

After three hours or so of fitful sleep in an overly warm room, we catch the Uber Brian finally reserved out of an abundance of caution in the middle of the night  ($49), and ride in a nice SUV with a friendly young naval veteran driver who cheers us up. He was once stationed in Everett just south of us so we talk about the Northwest. What the hotel advertises as an 8-minute ride to the airport proves to be 14 on a quiet Sunday morning.

At the airport the regular security lines are advertising a 40-minute wait, but we are through the TSA PreCheck line in 3 minutes with nobody around us.

We’re flying in F on a regional jet, and we’re hoping for a smooth 2-hour flight to Durango. It does bring back memories of longer trips, since we feel like we do when landing in Europe after an overnight flight.

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