Monday, August 2, 2021

Mushroom Foraging in the Colorado Mountains

We ride up to Durango Mountain Resort with Tom and Ellyn, and climb up under the chair lifts until we reach US Forest Service land. We keep going until we reach about 10,500 feet and start foraging.

There some beautiful fungi up here that we definitely do not want.

We even spy a “fairy ring” or two of coral mushrooms.

We are, however, in the hunt for porcini mushrooms, (piglets in Italian).

By the end of the morning, we’ve collected an impressive pile of porcinis.

As we drive down, we encounter the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra’s young principal trombonist finishing up a brief music video shot by his wife to celebrate his attendance at Durango’s Music in the Mountains.

He kindly obliges us with a minute of Tommy Dorsey and we applaud him vigorously for this moment of serendipity before driving back to process our bounty.

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