Friday, August 6, 2021

Shuttleless in Seattle at the Airport Hilton

 When we landed in Phoenix, we were fortunate to have 45 minutes to arrive at our new gate. We've rarely flown into Phoenix and were amazed what it took to transfer from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3.

The signage was non-existent when we got off the plane and we had to ask employees to point us in the right direction. We walked a long way, took an airport train, and then had to reclear TSA security at Terminal 3. We arrived at our Alaska gate with a comfortable 10-15 minutes to spare.

Our PHX-SEA flight in Premium Economy was as comfortable as it could be. We landed a bit early around 11:15PM. We had checked one large bag and it arrived at the baggage carousel quite promptly.

We arrived at the hotel shuttle pickup zone by 11:40, and called the Airport Hilton to listen to the recording confirming the shuttle left the hotel on the hour and half hour. With no shuttle in sight as of 12:12AM, we called again to talk to the hotel operator but nobody answered the phone.

At 12:20AM we bailed and made the 10-minute walk to the hotel, something we should have done originally. 

As we trudged through the pedestrian tunnel crossing International Boulevard, we caught a glimpse of the shuttle entering the Hilton's parking lot after picking up at the airport at some point after 12:20AM.

We had to wait in line nearly 15 minutes to check in and gave the hapless desk clerk an earful. His excuse was that the shuttle driver was late while "helping a family." That didn't help us and it would have been helpful to answer the phone.

In any event, we finally got to bed at 1:00AM (2:00AM Mountain Time). 

It was pleasing to arrive back home the next day and have some time to relax after a surprisingly tiring journey.

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