Saturday, December 4, 2021

A New Golden Age of Travel? Not Yet

We managed, post-vaccinations, to make a number of domestic trips in 2021 to Florida, New Orleans, and Reno, capped off with our first trip abroad since March 2020, flying to Barcelona and sailing to Miami on Oceania's Marina. We've scheduled another quick trip to Reno in a few days.

Still, between the requirement to wear masks (and the continual bombardment of threatening entreaties in airports and on planes to wear them), the testing requirements on our most recent trips, and the general feeling that things are still not as they used to be, we find that air travel in particular is something to be endured, and not enjoyed, even if we're fortunate enough to be seated in First or Business Class.

In reviewing our plans for a European trip in early 2022, we suddenly noticed that a train we planned to take from Point A to Point B is no longer running. We spent much of yesterday trying to patch together an alternative, given that we've already bought the tickets to arrive at Point A and depart from Point B. We're reminded again that the pandemic was extremely destructive to many businesses, and the entire travel industry.

Fortunately, we haven't been around any incidents of "air rage," nor have we experienced any drastic problems renting a car, as cited in the following article, but in our opinion it offers a pretty good summary of the current status of travel.

We Were Promised a New "Golden Age" of Travel in 2021. What happened?


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