Thursday, December 23, 2021

Alaska Airlines Comes Through

The other day a neighbor called us in a flap. Her granddaughter, on the way for a visit, had arrived at her departing Texas airport for her Alaska flights after the cutoff time and was subject to being offloaded.

Alaska did her a favor by rerouting her as far as Seattle with a late-night arrival, but it's a ways from there to Bellingham in the midst of our changing December weather.

Kathy called the Alaska Airlines elite line, and explained the dilemma to a typically kind agent. After checking with her supervisor and the "rate desk," the agent added a connecting  flight from Seattle to Bellingham the following day.

Brian was checking hotels at the same time and we found a competitive rate at the Hilton SEA Doubletree, close to the airport with a shuttle running every 20 minutes 24/7.

Our neighbor was very grateful, but we let her know that it was the willingness of Alaska employees to bend the rules - and a bit of Christmas spirit -  that led to such a happy ending.


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