Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Christmastime Comings and Goings

 The weather has been frightful, to quote the old Christmas song. We somehow still managed to see our family in various locations.

Kim and family drove up for a pre-Christmas dinner at our house, featuring some music.

Christmas night we crossed the Canadian border for the first since 2019 and drove through rather horrendous white-out conditions to enjoy Christmas dinner with Karen and family.

Canada Immigration handed Brian a Covid test to be "self-administered" via video. What a nuisance that proved to be! Completing it took up most of the visit but it was still good to see them.

December 26 we drove down to Renton to spend a couple of nights with David and his family. The highways were in decent conditions, but it's been a particularly good time to own a Subaru Outback with its all-wheel drive and assorted safety features.

We're hoping for more visits through the New Year's weekend but they will be weather dependent.

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