Thursday, September 14, 2023

Koi Sushi Lounge in Fort Lauderdale

We decided to keep things simple tonight and walked back around to the small shopping plaza behind the Embassy Suites to dine at the Koi Sushi Lounge.

The interior was bright and bustling, but it had cooled off enough that we decided to sit in the quiet outside patio.

Our friendly young Bangkok-born waitress guided us to some interesting dishes. The flash-fried bok choy was fun to try, although once was enough.

We always are ready for lettuce wrap, and this was a good one, even though we would have enjoyed some hoisin sauce on the side.

Their bite-sized roasted duck wrap was cut into six tasty morsels.

We concluded with one shared main dish, a spicy and satisfying Mongolian Beef.

If we ever stay again at the Fort Lauderdale Embassy Suites, we now know of three decent eateries within a short walk.

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