Wednesday, September 13, 2023

A Return Visit to Kubo: Asian Fusion and Street Food in Fort Lauderdale

We discovered Kubo when disembarking from a December 2022 cruise in Fort Lauderdale. We thoroughly enjoyed it and wrote about it.

We realized today when we arrived at the Fort Lauderdale Embassy Suites on SE 17th Street that Kubo is little more than a block away. Should we try it again? We’d be fools not to. Off we went.

It’s just as we remembered it, with a friendly vibe and music playing only a little too loudly for our tastes.

They have a huge menu that includes, along with Thai, Chinese, Korean and Filipino dishes, an entire page of sushi and sashimi. We repeated two appetizers that we’d chosen last year.

Lumpia are basically Filipino and Indonesian spring rolls. These were delicious.

The Chinese Bao Buns had a choice of fillings; we selected soft-shell crab and loved it.

We shared a Filipino adobo for our main course, supposedly the unofficial national dish of the Philippines

It’s comfort food that included some pork belly. It was not too spicy but tasty, if a little sweet for us.

We liked it but probably would opt for an alternative on another visit. Since we’re staying here another night before flying home and thereby earning another 2,717 status miles (and 4,076 bonus miles) on Alaska, a second visit is a distinct possibility.

As we wrote last time, kudos to Kubo.

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