Monday, December 5, 2022

Great Libation, Disembarkation, Relocation, Extended Vacation

As our final two sea days progressed, we learned we were sailing toward Miami at a speedy 23 knots, due to a medical emergency aboard. We docked before Midnight but disembarked Sunday morning as scheduled.

We turned in our “Big O” points won for various silly games and got ourselves a couple of windbreakers, before heading with Bud and Jessie to Jacques for our final dinner of the cruise.

We took along the most expensive wine we’d bought ashore, a €25 bottle of the 2019 Domaine du Clos des Fées from Roussillon, purchased at Port Vendres, France. The US retail seems to be $55-60, so even adding on Oceania’s $25 corkage fee made it a cost-effective splurge. It was smooth and full-bodied and generally excellent.

Our various choices included one of Oceania’s signature dishes, Dover Sole (Sole Grenobloise) deboned table side…

Coquilles Saint-Jacques…

Sautéed Jumbo Shrimp (Gambas Sautées Provençale six Morilles et Pommes de Terre Fondantes)…

We disembarked with Bud and Jessie, shared a cab to the airport (sadly it’s no longer a bargain flat rate), and said our goodbyes at the entrance to the TSA line. They subsequently arrived home safely, despite the 2 1/2- hour late flight.

From there we took a long walk, broken up slightly by moving sidewalks to the Tri-Rail commuter train that took us MIA to FLL, including a free shuttle bus at the Fort Lauderdale end. It’s still a relative bargain at $5 one way.

We’d booked an airport Homewood Suites. The rooms weren’t ready (or ready to be released) and they couldn’t store our luggage, so we hung around the hotel, and Brian bought some chicken nuggets and fries from the only restaurant nearby, Wendy’s. How dismal was that after 23 days on Oceania?

Finally checked in, we took an Uber to an Asian fusion restaurant, a 10-15 minute drive away and well reviewed.

Kubo, housed  in a strip mall, turned out to be well worth the drive.

Bao buns and Philippine spring rolls,  along with Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean dishes, tickled our taste buds to no end.

All we can say is kudos to Kubo!

This morning dawned bright and early (early anyway) as we shuttled to the airport at 5 AM for our 7:05 AM flight. It turns out there have been strong headwinds flying west, so the FLL-SEA flight needed more fuel and 10 fewer passengers.

We volunteered and picked up $850 each in Alaska travel vouchers, a hotel night (Tru by Hilton), and some meal vouchers. We also retained our first class upgraded seats for the long leg. We’ll start over and take another shuttle  to the airport tomorrow morning at 4:50 AM.. 

We’ve just reserved to dine early tonight in the Tuscany Caffé, the charming little joint we discovered on a 2021 trip. It’s a five-minute walk from our hotel.

One day fewer at home before an upcoming major trip (down to three full days only), but we’ll hope to make it work. Some bargains are just too good for us to pass up.


FS said...

Congrats on the bump!! Excited to see where it takes you in 2023!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! We’ll just have to wait and see.