Thursday, December 1, 2022

Clearing U.S. Immigration in San Juan, Puerto Rico

We’ve done this once before and this time was just as cumbersome, 

First we docked.

We then disembarked in turn, and queued to proceed through immigration. Everyone had to be processed before anyone was allowed back on. We don’t know if that’s a government requirement or Oceania’s way of preventing too much two-way traffic.

We waited for some time to board the ship, the entire process taking about 90 minutes to complete. There were plastic chairs available and we took advantage of that for awhile.

If we ever do this again, we’d probably stay ashore for awhile and go for lunch.

Tonight we managed an extra reservation in Toscana. We’ve done well on those.

We enjoyed Carpaccio…



Last night in Polo included Pork Belly…

Shrimp Cocktail, etc.

Tugs are guiding us away from the dock now.

Two sea days before we disembark in Miami:



FriendlySkies said...

The food looks delicious! Hopefully it made up for the clearance process!

Anonymous said...

Oceania’s food at its best is outstanding.