Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Getting a Handle on Things

We enjoyed our early dinner at the Tuscany Caffée last night. The food is much better than the exterior would suggest.

There was a big portobello mushroom to share under the greenery.

Nona’s Lasagne for Kathy…

The tasty pasta special for Brian included mushrooms, ground sausage, and a mild cream sauce…

This morning came early but we were aboard the shuttle van. at 4:50 AM. When the driver stopped at our terminal, he couldn’t open the side door and a passenger next to it helped out.

When we got off we realized why: the external handle came off in his hand. They all managed to get the door closed eventually and hopefully have a replacement van available after he dropped off the remaining passengers.

At this hour of the morning, we try to see humor wherever we can.

Today the winds are with us.

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