Sunday, December 11, 2022

Soho Lounge, JFK Terminal 8

It’s our first visit to this new lounge, one of three in Terminal 8 at JFK jointly operated by American Airlines and British Airways.

Once through a rather chaotic TSA checkpoint, we had no trouble finding it.

Chelsea is the First Class lounge, Soho is the Business Class / OneWorld Emerald lounge, and Greenwich is the lounge for anyone left over.

The Soho Lounge is visually spectacular.

There’s a lengthy buffet.

First, a visit to the bar for some Champagne…

We chose to order via QR code from our table. We’ve seen this arrangement previously in BA  lounges att LHR.

A Reuben  sandwich (Kathy)…

Shepherd’s Pie (Brian)…

We enjoyed a Roth Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with dinner. We’re suitably impressed by the Soho Lounge.  The fact that the lounge is currently very quiet only  adds to its attractiveness.

Not a bad place to spend a couple of hours…

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