Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Weathering Flight Cancellations

Everything had been going so smoothly.

We enjoyed a good flight in JL 6 HND-JFK. 

We tasted fancy appetizers and Wagyu beef, the latter marred by a wasabi sauce.

We obediently kept our masks on and refrained from talking loudly..

We managed a few hours of sleep and had one more bowl of Asian soup near the end of the flight.

We arrived at the JFK Airport Hilton around 10:30 AM and a room was kindly made available. We slept (fortunately) until about 4 before going to dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

The fun started at about 1 AM, when during the course of a bathroom visit (TMI?), Brian noticed our JFK-SEA flight had been “proactively” cancelled, due to anticipated weather, and perhaps a shortage of deicing stands at a SEA.

Our reroute had us flying tomorrow and ending up in Seattle at Midnight December 23. Thanks to an agent error, Bellingham had been ignored.

For a variety of reasons, we were up the rest of the night trying to make contact with Alaska. It was rather frustrating, to say the least.

An excellent phone agent rerouted us as far as San Diego tonight, and we’ve booked an airport hotel. Tomorrow morning we fly to Seattle. The only flight we could get to BLU is late the following day, so we’ll plan to get home by rental car or shuttle.

We don’t yet know if our planned family get-together can proceed, but we’ll be thankful to be home.


FS said...

Sorry to hear of the mess! I was scheduled on a 1pm MCI-DEN yesterday which ultimately departed eight hours late. Was able to go stand by on a 5:12pm flight, though still arrived five hours late and had to wait about 22 hrs for my luggage to arrive. Quite a cluster. Happy Holidays!!

Kathy and Brian said...

We were far more fortunate than many, and we made it home in time to celebrate with our family.