Friday, September 15, 2023

Pleasing Fort Lauderdale Lunch at Willie T’s Seafood Shack

Yet another short walk from the Fort Lauderdale Embassy Suites to find this cute little joint, tucked away in another corner of the shopping plaza that houses Gilbert’s and Koi.

The interior is sparkling and the employees are friendly.

There are printed menus available near the entry and you order and pay at the counter when ready.

We ordered two different $20 plates that included lightly battered large shrimp, some jumbo shrimp, some Andouille sausage, both with French fries and coleslaw. We shared and thoroughly relished every bite of it.

It’s one more joint to visit if we ever stay at the Fort Lauderdale Embassy Suites again. We always have a soft spot for independent restaurants.

After another easy Uber ride, we now have a long but not unpleasant wait at FLL before boarding our 6:25 pm flight to SEA. This has been a fun little trip.

We were upgraded to First yesterday, albeit seated in window seats one behind the other. Even though we were 1 and 2 on the upgrade list, Alaska’s upgrade processor (Flyertalk members sarcastically call it the “upgrade professor”) was unable to place us in the two vacant aisle/window seats.

Once aboard, a very kind man seated next to Kathy volunteered to swap his bulkhead aisle seat for Brian’s Row 2 window seat, a swap we would never request (some passengers strongly prefer one or the other).

Here we are sitting together after all. And we promised the Good Samaritan now seated behind us that there would be no loud arguments!

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