Sunday, September 17, 2023

What Would We Do without 'Travel Experts'?

Every day we read several travel and travel consumer advocate blogs, along with perusing FlyerTalk. 

Occasionally we can't help but be drawn like moths to a flame by "expert" advice offered in other outlets, including the UK's Daily Mail. Here, for example, is a recent headline:

I'm a travel expert - here's my favorite time-saving hack that will get you out of the airport FASTER

After that breathless tease, it's anti-climactic to read that her "secret" is to have your ride pick you up at the departures level if the arrivals level is busy. We've only known about that particular secret for 25 years or so.

Maybe we could also gain 125,000 followers by divulging that you can also save time by being dropped off at the arrivals level when the departures level is busy.

Of course, our Seattle-Tacoma International Airport already announces on a sign when one or other level is particularly busy so that drivers can select the other level. It seems the secret is out.

Gary Leff recently highlighted an even more egregious example in a View From The Wing post:

'Spicy' Flight Attendant Says She'll Hand Out Upgrades To Passengers Who Bring Her Gift Cards

As Gary points out, this is absolute nonsense for a number of reasons. She claims it "works every time." We say it doesn't work anytime.

In the meantime, we do find that some "travel experts" at least provide us with a chuckle or two.

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Anonymous said...

You guys always provide me and Carmen with a chuckle or two!