Friday, February 6, 2009

Dining in Ravello: Figli di Papà (Dad's kids?)

On our road trip (and what a road!)from Positano to Amalfi to Ravello, we enjoyed a lunch at the Figli di Papà that was fairly typical of meals we've been enjoying in this part of Italy. We shared a cold vegetable antipasti, then among us dined on cannelloni, spaghetti with clams, grilled swordfish, Italian sausage with mozzarella cheese, grilled between two large lemon leaves, sea bass al forno, and a lovely rocket and tomato salad. We discovered a full and round regional red wine, Falerno del Massico Primitivo MOIO.

Our very funny young waiter seemed to enjoy our company (it was quiet and many if not most of the restaurants and hotels here are closed for the season). As we were walking down the long stairs into the restaurant we asked him if it was open. He answered "Maybe" and he stayed as funny throughout, telling us the wine we wanted was all gone, then "maybe one bottle left." When I asked him if he could recommend a dessert, he scanned the menu, paused perfectly, and then said "No."

His "mama" was the cook and she was too shy to let us take her picture as we were leaving, but we thanked her for the fine meal. The waiter's girlfriend was sitting there and I asked her if he was a real Mama's Boy. She smiled and said yes - lots of good fun all around and another example of how the Italians know how to dine.

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