Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kathy's Necklace - Lost and Found - Danke schön Lufthansa

As we were “deplaning” (one of those great flight attendant words) a UA flight at Washington DC after our flight from Munich a few weeks ago, Kathy noticed a necklace that she’d been carrying in her pocket (kind of by accident) was missing.

Employees kindly let her back on the plane to search, but to no avail. A couple of weeks later she realized she might have dropped it in the Munich Lufthansa Senator Lounge we’d visited before the flight when she draped her jacket over a chair. I got in touch with the official LH “employee lurker,” LHrelate in FlyerTalk’s Lufthansa Miles and More forum for help.

Her colleague in Munich quickly determined the necklace hadn’t been turned in to them, but checked with the airport’s lost-and-found department. Bingo! A necklace matching our description had been turned in on the day of our flight, probably dropped at a security checkpoint.

Kathy called the phone number she sent us the next morning, successfully answered in German the “trick” questions posed, and made arrangements to pick up the necklace when we arrive at MUC in April. As Brian (Fredd) said in this FT thread, Danke schön to the honest person who turned in the necklace, to airport employees, and especially to the diligent Lufthansa employees who found the necklace for them – and we weren’t even flying Lufthansa!

FlyerTalk of course continues to be an invaluable resource to us and we strongly recommend it to anybody who travels, even if you don't lose things the way we do.

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Anonymous said...

Brian, Kathy, my colleagues and I were glad to help. Thanks for your kind words (everywhere ;), it makes our efforts that much more worth it!

Great pics of CAI, hope to make it there in person myself someday...

Happy Travels,
Michelle (LHrelate)