Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to get to Sicily from Naples

We found some fairly good information before we left,but once we flew from Munich into Naples, this is what we did: We caught a bus from the airport to the Piazza Municipio. What wild traffic in Naples! Double parking takes on a whole new meaning when you see cars parked along narrow streets in two lines.

You get off the bus and pull your rollaboards down a long hill. Thanks to a nice woman at the airport information counter, we eventually found a place to store our bags for the afternoon. It was actually the tiny little office for the parking lot and we walked by it the first time. They were happy to collect two Euros a bag and find places for us.

We then wandered around the area a bit and ate a quite lovely lunch at a restaurant recommended by the fellow in charge of the parking lot. Later to kill some more time we hung out at a fancy new bar in a fancy new hotel, drank some wine, and made small talk with a charming young manager who spoke excellent English.

We then picked up our luggage and wheeled it over to the overnight ferry that runs from Naples to Catania Sicily. Our stateroom accommodations weren't bad and didn't cost that much more than a hotel room, plus it took us from Point A to Point B in comfort, complete with a shower in the morning.

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