Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Short of A Dozen: The Jewel's Progressive Trivia Grand Champions

Our team started off modestly with 11 members in a back corner of the Jewel's Safari Club as One Short of a Dozen (although membership fluctuated between 9 and 13) but nobody would dare accuse us of being one brick short of a load, a few fries short of a Happy Meal, one eggroll short of a Pu Pu Platter, or... well, you get the idea.

Against the odds of no fewer than 20 competing teams, our cross-generational group (what a nice way to include us crocksters) came up with an amazing variety of answers. We had team members who could name most almost any song played backwards, those who could figure out logical conundrums, and even one eccentric who knew that Martha Jane Canary was better known as Calamity Jane.

Our one downfall was some tricky (tricky? Heck, sneaky!) True or False questions, but fortunately other teams had problems too and we ended up winning the progressive tournament by one point.

And here we all are, posing proudly yet modestly just after our glorious victory.

Joff Eaton, the Cruise Director, ran Trivia. Oh, he can be evil, reading out an answer, waiting for the teams to almost stop cheering before adding, " wrong." He's quite hilarious and reminded cruisers of everyone from Robin Williams to John Cleese. What a funny guy!

What a great time! There's nothing as sweet as winning when the stakes are so low! Happy and safe travels to each and every one of our congenial team mates!

Oh, and Brian still thinks tea, not coffee, must inevitably be the second most popular non-alcoholic beverage in the world. He wouldn't guess otherwise for, well, all the tea in China. Take that, Joff! On the other hand...


Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy & Brian,
Congratulations once again on your victorious win at the 'trick question free' progressive trivia! And still you question me, the honest quiz master about non-alcoholic drinks. Just remember, I have 8 coffees a day just to get through it!! Look forward to seeing you again.

Kathy and Brian said...

Thanks so much for dropping by, Joff! The pleasure was indeed ours. We'd assumed the world's coffee consumption would have dropped when the two of us retired a few years back but you're obviously keeping it up there.

We hope our paths cross again.

Best wishes,
Kathy and Brian