Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hotel Hopping in Buenos Aires

In an hour or so we'll check out of the Hilton and take a cab over to the Marriott,in the old heart of the city, where we'll await the arrival of our cruise companions, Greg and June.

The Hilton had no vacancies tonight (pre-booked cruise passengers?) so we're moving from one of the city's newest hotels in a trendy renovated area to the city's oldest hotel. Our stay at the Hilton has again been very pleasant, although we suspect the inflation rampant in Argentina (15% in 2009 and 20% projected for 2010) has led to some deterioration in, for example, the quality of the breakfasts.

The Marriott generally comes off second-best in comparisons to the Hilton. Its main virtue is its location right in the center, although even then there are warnings to be careful when venturing outside after dark.

Greg and June will probably be most interested in a good night's sleep after their overnight flight, and we're still getting over our colds, so we'll be ready for a quiet night before boarding Insignia tomorrow.

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