Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terroir Casa de Vinos and an Another FT Coincidence

At a small dinner party we happily attended in Birch Bay a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned our plan to pick up some wine in Buenos Aires to carry aboard our cruise. One of the BBV Wine Club gurus, Jenise, recommended Terroir Casa de Vinos as a fine place to pick up wine for our cruise, and arranged for the owner, Alex, to e-mail us.

We made an appointment to meet him Friday afternoon, and despite the storm and flooding mentioned in the previous post, spent an enjoyable hour as he picked out some wines for us.

Early in our conversation Alex casually mentioned FlyerTalk, and we soon learned Alex is the legendary Gaucho100K in the Argentina Forum, sponsor of the legendary Cow Do and the Forum's major source of advice on all things Argentine.

We'd actually gotten some personal advice from him in advance of our previous trip two years ago and would have checked with him this time for wine had Jenise not already supplied us with the name of "another" merchant. How many wine merchants must there be in Buenos Aires? Incredible!

In any event, Alex was a charming host and offered us some eminently drinkable wine to after we'd completed our business and made efforts to wait out the flood. As you can see from the photos, he was completely soaked after walking earlier to a nearby gas station in a failed attempt to find a taxi for us back to the Hilton. Still, there are far worse places to be stranded than a wine shop.

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