Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow on The Potomac

Or something a lot less scenic in actuality...

The second big snowstorm of the winter is heading toward IAD Washington DC and the weather forecasts predict as much as one to two feet of snow right about the time our flight lands on the way to Orlando. United has been issuing travel waivers (a generous rerouting option during irregular operations) for a day or two now.

We called the 1K line this morning after waiting to see what developed overnight and changed our SEA-IAD-MCO connection in favor of SEA-DEN-MCO with plenty of seats available. Even before we left home our original flights have now been canceled and the flights we booked are now looking overbooked.

It was funny to drive out of Birch Bay with the sun shining and flowers already blooming while thinking about major snowstorms elsewhere. We have a day and a half of elbow room before getting on our cruise but it wasn't a time to consider being stuck or else unable to get on an alternative flight.

It's a good reminder for anybody, not just travel junkies like us, to keep an advance eye on upcoming flights and connections whenever possible.

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