Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Night Before

The Buenos Aires Marriott lobby was jammed today with a bunch of those darned American cruise-ship tourists. It turns out the Hilton is jammed with 350 rooms reserved for a pharmaceutical conference from Brazil - obviously money in the drug business.

The hotel itself proves to be "quaint," and has a lot of "character." That means that you have to walk up a full flight of stairs from the lobby (or downstairs a half flight of stairs) to reach the bank of three elevators. The average wait for an elevator during our brief stay has been 3-4 minutes but it seems longer of course.

The rooms have their own charm, the executive lounge seems actually to have a much better choice of food than the Hilton (even though they charge for alcohol), and it's an interesting change from the ultra-modern Hilton.

We're heading out for a pizza in awhile at the Filo Ristorante, and there won't be much more blogging for awhile, other than little updates sent by text message. Posters to Cruise Critic write that the Internet is just as slow and expensive as ever, and we fortunately don't have any business so pressing to require us to pay about $10 every time we hook up to the Internet and download the e-mail.

Updates will follow sporadically. Bon Voyage to Us!

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