Monday, October 18, 2010

Along The Klongs

Other than a stop at the dismal snake farm, and a much more pleasant stop at an orchid farm, we spent 3 1/2 hours in a fascinating tour through some of the major klongs yesterday.

We were surprised to find out that, due to the high water, we entered and left the klongs via locks. It's truly an amazing trip through people's front yards. We saw tiny shacks looking as if they'll tip into the water at any moment, and we also viewed magnificent mansions. We saw huge amounts of garbage (as well as a couple of defunct dogs) floating in the water, and we watched people fishing and swimming in the same water.

We'll be posting some photos as soon as we get the technology of our new netbook figured out.

We moved from the Hilton to the Conrad yesterday afternoon. The Hilton is a lovely hotel with a great river location, and the Conrad likewise is a magnificent facility and our view is of a multitude of high-rises. It's definitely downtown and an impressive setting. We were welcomed hospitably and before long we were enjoying some terrific appetizers in the Executive Lounge before going out for, believe it or not, an Italian Thai restaurant.

Today we'll plan to look around this area of Bangkok, a new one for us.

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