Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't Jump, They Yelled! How Far, She Replied?

The title is a completely unfair description of Ellyn's stunt as we boarded a ferry this morning on the Chao Phraya River . The public ferries arrive and leave as quickly as people can get off and on, and Ellyn hopped on the ferry before the crew had actually secured it against the dock safely. They started to yell, she turned around with a slight look of panic, and jumped off the ferry across the gap back onto the dock, much to the amusement of the passengers.

Our day has given us a feel of Bangkok along the river. We rode the public ferry quite a way upstream. We stopped off to visit the National Museum along the way and took a quick walk into one end of Chinatown. That's enough for the first day. It's been cool for Bangkok and the rain held until after we'd returned to the hotel.

We're going up to enjoy some appetizers in the Hilton Lounge in awhile and then try out the Queen of Curry Restaurant, a joint close to the Hilton that gets excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.


We ferried across to the river, followed the GPS on Kathy's iPod Touch, and ended up in the street where the Queen of Curry is allegedly located. No success, despite walking around the block several times and asking patient Thais, most of whom are quite approachable.

We then wandered back with a general feeling of defeat in the general direction of the Hilton boat that ferries guests back and forth across the river. In the midst of walking through a variety of lanes and streets (one route led us several minutes to an absolute dead end), we noticed a pleasant enough looking restaurant named the Mango Tree. In we went and enjoyed quite a good dinner on a quiet Sunday evening.

Now that we're back at the hotel we've checked it out in a couple of sources. First, it gets two stars in our Frommer's Guide to Bangkok.
Second,in Trip Advisor it's no. 45 of 732 restaurants.

Furthermore, we learn in IgoUgo that "other outlets at Bangkok’s new airport and in London, Tokyo, Korea, and Malaysia have since joined Mango Tree in downtown Bangkok." Nothing succeeds like success.

It appears the restaurant gods took care of us after all, and we're ready for bed and Monday that is scheduled to include a boat tour of the canals and a move to the Conrad.

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Unknown said...

haha I'm sure Ellyn appreciates you posting that on your blog! :)