Sunday, October 31, 2010

How Cool It Is

We're back at our house in time to hand out a few Halloween treats. Both Tom and Ellyn and the two of us were hopeful for bumps on our final flights but nothing materialized but full planes.

In our case, we pick up our rental car from Budget after an annoying agent in the Seattle Airport first offers to rent us a larger car for "only $13" and then makes us listen to his offer for the excess insurance on which they make some real money.

We finally escape, notice a couple of dents on the car that we report and have documented, and drive home quite efficiently, given it's a Sunday afternoon.

Suddenly we realize the weather is different here. The cab driver who drove us to the airport in Bangkok this morning turned the heater on. He'd be freezing here, but it was a pleasant day for a drive.

Tomorrow we'll get organized and probably eat vegetable soup for a couple of days, but tonight Papa Murphy is helping us make pizzas for dinner.

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