Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Cooking School: A Lot of Thai

Yesterday we took a short tour around the area, including the Eco-Agricultural Hill Tribes Village, where we saw the "Long Neck" people. We just have to learn how to load photos with our new computer.

Today we had a wonderful time cooking and eating at A lot of Thai "Home Cooking Class."

We've had nothing but complications trying to get from Point A to Point B so far. This morning fellow Secret Garden guests gave us a ride in their pickup truck to the tuk-tuk stop, with Tom and Brian enjoying the breeze in the bed.

Once there, the Belgian couple negotiated a rate with a driver, but for some reason he dropped us quite a few kilometers away from our destination. Fortunately, Tom found an Internet cafe and the manager called Yui at A Lot of Thai. She and her husband Kwan set out immediately in the VW van and picked us up 20 minutes later.

From there, it was non-stop talking and cooking and eating, punctuated by a tour of a nearby open market, where we saw a greater variety of vegetables for sale than any of us had ever seen in any one location. It seems the Thais just love their veggies.

We'll add some descriptions and photos of our cooking experiences as soon as we can. At the end of our cooking day, which Yui had kindly extended to offer us our full time allotment, she arranged a taxi for us. This driver only got lost a couple of times and he eventually deposited us on the doorstep of the Secret Garden, where Peter, our genial host, was again waiting patiently and waving his arms to attract the driver's attention. Supposedly the same driver will pick us up in the morning and return us tomorrow afternoon, so we're hopeful we have the transportation finally under control.

As one of our granddaughters, Avery, used to say with a cute shrug of her shoulders when she was about three, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Visit W3Schools!

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