Sunday, June 24, 2012

Raccoons In Our Back Yard

As our guests and we are eating dinner Saturday evening, lo and behold, two raccoons appear. Doggone it, they're eating our strawberries. No wonder we don't have any strawberries to harvest so far this season!

We chase them away by making a lot of noise and running toward them, although one hopefully climbs a tree to wait us out. Five minutes later they're back in our strawberry mini-patch. This time we use a rake and make even louder noises.

When last seen, they're swimming at the other side of the lake.

If only our grandchildren were here to see them. That would make up for having few strawberries to pick.


  1. Riley asked if you thought raccoons would be a fun pet, but changed your mind because they stole your strewberries.

  2. First of all, that's pretty good reasoning on Riley's part!

    We had raccoons in our yard a few years back and they didn't seem interested in moving even when we made a bit of noise. They basically stared us down but they got bored after a few days and left. I guess we didn't have any strawberries at the time.