Monday, June 18, 2012

What's To Like About Airports?

Not too much, at least as far as we're concerned. Our first major stress is to get through the TSA security line with our dignity and property relatively intact.

After that we generally head to a United Club (formerly the Red Carpet Club), where we have access to free Internet, coffee, and modest snacks.

The one airport we "kinda like" for its features is SFO. First, both the domestic and international United Clubs are among the most visually attractive of all we've seen. SFO contains a bookstore near the United gates with a sale table of children's books and we've often picked up something for the grandkids. SFO has its own museum, organizing displays in various airport locations. In the UA domestic terminal, for example, there's a set of display cases along the large walkway flanked by moving sidewalks. We've seen memorabilia from old TV shows and a variety of other interesting exhibits during our stopovers. Finally, there are some decent options for eating, although the central food court is often crowded.

Just recently, we tried out one of several other restaurants closer to the TSA security area and found the food decent and the seating area much less crowded.

Other than that, there's not much about airports that really excites us. On the other hand, a writer for CNN has discovered "14 airport amenities that will make you long for a layover."

Well, maybe, but even though we now learn that SFO boasts a new "yoga room," we doubt we'll be taking advantage of it.

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