Saturday, December 1, 2012

Home Sweet Sehome Again

We made it home last night after a long day.

Our flights were an interesting contrast. The 737 MIA-IAH was Continental and featured Direct TV - what a good deal that is. The CO crew showed the same combination of efficiency and indifference that we at least have come to recognize as typical of their service.

The IAH-SEA flight was UA all the way on an Airbus 320. The flight was upwards of 40 minutes late taking off due to a minor mechanical issue but some time was made up along the way. The seats in F are somewhat more to our liking than the the CO seats, and we had a great purser working in F (by himself) who kept us entertained and constantly refilled our water glasses throughout the flight.

The entertainment system had a few glitches - the movie was only available in Spanish - but Channel 9 (air traffic control) was available, albeit on Channel 13.

Yes, we still prefer UA over CO but they both get one from Point A to Point B. We wonder how long it will be until UA is completely Continentalized.

After landing at SEA we made a quick stop at the United Club and then took the train from N back to the main terminal, where our two checked bags were among the very first off - hurray!

We grabbed a shuttle bus to the new rental car facility, picked up our Hertz "Premium" car that Kathy found for a bargain (a Hyundai Genesis that we'd take any day over the Lincoln Town Car we drove down to Seattle a couple of weeks ago) and headed toward home on a rainy and Friday night in the midst of the late-afternoon rush.

Our drive was broken up by dinner in Mount Vernon with three of the world's eight best grandchildren and their parents. Riley and Blane seemed happy to see us and young Jace let us know we'll have to visit a little more regularly if we want to see smiles rather than frowns - fun to see he's already old enough to "make strange."

After a delicious Italian dinner quickly prepared by their mother we were fortified enough to drive home and fall into bed.

Today we'll drive up to B.C. to attend a memorial service for the husband of a former teaching colleague. We're fortunate to be here just in time to attend to that sad task. We're hoping for dinner with two more of the world's best grandchildren before driving home.

Monday morning will find us lined up at the post office to pick up 2 1/2 weeks of accumulated mail. It's a relief to be able to put that off for a couple of days.

As usual, it was great to be away but great to be back home for awhile, and the rainy and windy weather reminds us that we are.

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