Sunday, December 2, 2012


It seems like a long time ago but it was only mid-November that we burned some of our United points to fly from Seattle to Frankfurt in First Class on Lufthansa, en route to our cruise.

The LH counter is located almost at the opposite end of the airport from our usual haunts, and it's far more pleasant, airy, and modern.

Once checked in, we whisk through TSA metal detectors effortlessly - what a nice start - and are soon relaxing in the glassed-off private First Class section of the LH contract lounge at SEA, Club International, complete with waiter service. Sometimes it's lonely at the top.

At the appropriate time, a couple of other VIPs and we are escorted out of the lounge and through the throngs of, well, lesser passengers to board our flight. No waiting for "Boarding Group One" for us today. Almost before we know it we're aboard. Kathy might look a little smug, but she's actually just thoroughly enjoying herself.

We're seated in the center at the front of the F cabin, located conveniently near where the flight attendants place the champagne bucket. These are the old-fashioned seats - no private compartments on this Airbus Industrie A330-300 - but they're quite roomy and comfortable. Besides, it might have been impossible for us to book F seats on a plane with the newer config.

A rose in every armrest adds a nice touch, n'est–ce pas?

Following the lead of one of the only other F passengers aboard (one doesn't want to commit a faux pas, does one?), we change into our official LH First Class jammies before takeoff.

Incidentally, in preparing our seats for bedtime the flight attendants place a mattress topper on them (apparently a fairly recent development), making them just about as comfortable as the newer flat-beds. But of course we have some serious dining to do before retiring for the night, so we scan the menu, enjoying both the descriptions and the inconsistent use of Capital Letters, or would that be capital Letters?

The amuse-bouche is, if we recall correctly, a Salmon Tartare...

Following this our appetizer arrives, a pleasantly spicy Seared Beef Tataki with Green Papaya and Peanut sauce...

Yes, that's Caviar with the traditional Garnishes in the background. Sad to say, we've finally developed a taste for it. Shame on our flight attendant for pressing it on us as a second appetizer...

Next comes a simple Seasonal Salad with dried yellow Tomatoes and green Bell Peppers Julienne presented with delicious Dressing...

Like any other Å“nophile, Kathy enjoys comparing wines - but does she really have to keep clinking her glasses together while loudly singing all the verses of Ein Prosit?

And finally, the main course, Poached Lobster Tail and Claw in Saffron Reduction with simmered Mushrooms and Butternut Squash, quite tasty at 37,000 feet.

Shamefully, we still have room for dessert, a cute little Warm Chocolate Cake with Yogurt Ice Cream...

Still to come are our long layover in a LH First Lounge in FRA and the limo ride to our second flight. All in all, it seems a much better use of our United Airlines points than actually flying UA.

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