Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Boats of Arrecife Spain

As we described at the time, we didn't find all that much to see in Arrecife, and were content to wander around a pleasant promenade for awhile and to snap a few photos of boats and more boats at low tide.

Spain's economy is very bad at the moment. We saw a lot of vacant buildings and again noticed men of working age just sitting around in small groups. There are probably some good real estate deals to be had but this one is already se vende (sold) according to the sign posted near the left. Darn!

We catch the shuttle bus back to Riviera see a sea of orange as most of the crew are on the dock participating in a major training drill. We've never seen such a sight in all of our cruising and we gather this was yet another task to be completed on Riviera's maiden voyage into U.S. waters. Luckily for the employees, it was neither too hot nor pouring rain.

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