Saturday, December 15, 2012

B.C. Okanagan: Westbank To Peachland

Dennis and Maureen treat us to a drive along Okanagan Lake as far south as the small town of Peachland. At Peachland's annual Fall Fair Maureen has won tons of prizes for her crafts over the years.

Are we exaggerating? See for yourself here who won the trophies for highest aggregate points both for needlework and handicrafts
in 2012. Their granddaughter Paige has inherited Maureen's talent and also won the highest aggregate award in the 9- to 11-year-old girls' category. It looks as if the fair has had to set up exclusive categories reserved for "Peachland residents" so that Westbankers don't walk away with all of the hardware.

Today, however, our itinerary includes a breezy and surprisingly chilly walk along the lakefront (why are we surprised to at a coolish temperature in the Okanagan in mid-December?), with the reward of hot soup at a quaint German restaurant in Peachland proper. As Brian has joked before, it's the kind of place offering all the charm of Europe without crowds of Europeans to get in the way.

In this neighborhood, if your budget permits it you can park your own seaplane at your dock (see foreground below).

The timing is perfect after a chilly stroll for an early lunch at Gasthaus on the Lake.
We briefly wander through what must be the world's smallest German Christmas market before entering the restaurant itself.

This joint gets good reviews - we'll have to try it again. It was great to see Dennis and Maureen.

From there it's back over the Coquihalla on one of the easiest drives ever, a stop in Chilliwack to visit with Jake and Taegan (and their parents), followed by dinner at Boston Pizza. The service is horribly slow (it's "Pasta Tuesday") and the food isn't all that good, but the company is excellent.

Then we make a quick but rainy drive home and relax
with a good night's sleep after our 500-mile round trip.

Bonus - the weather report claims it won't rain today. We'll see.

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