Monday, January 14, 2013

Disneyland Exhaustion

We're back at the Sheraton, tired but happy and satisfied after a hugely successful day at Disneyland.

Granddaughter Riley behaved magnificently and we "covered" almost every ride in Fantasy Land, most rides in Tomorrow Land, and rides in Frontier Land and New Orleans Square as well. We've just about lost count. The park is relatively deserted and 20 minutes was a long wait for us.

We hit Disneyland Adventure for a couple of rides on the way out. Our only negative experience was the challenge of trying to find a restaurant outside the park. We bypassed a couple nearby and looked for a place called Fire and Ice or something similar in the Anaheim Walk mall after a security guard recommended it. That was a weird experience. Their doors were locked and they weren't letting anybody else in because they had a "problem." Very mysterious and we don't to go anywhere that has a "problem" that requires the front doors to be locked.

We then went for our first ever visit to the Cheesecake Factory. We found a seat in the bar area. The service was terrible, without going into the dreadful details, but we left about an hour later with our stomachs relatively full. The Cheesecake Factory is now officially off our list of chain restaurants. Since even Denny's remains on our list, nobody would accuse us of having standards that are too high.

Tomorrow it's California Adventure and a character lunch. The weather is supposed to be warmer, but that may only encourage the Californians to emerge, so it's a mixed blessing at best.

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