Sunday, January 13, 2013

Good Travel Day

We enjoyed a great flight on Alaska Airlines from Seattle to Orange County (John Wayne).

Riley visited the flight deck before the flight and talked to the captain (photos to follow at some point), the fight attendant was exceptionally kind, even cutting up Riley's chicken for her in the galley before serving it, as well as skipping the sun-dried tomatoes on the salad, so we felt very well looked after and landed before we knew it.

A van ride later and we were checking in at the Sheraton Park. Brian walked down to the Disneyland main gate to pick up our passes to avoid standing in lines tomorrow, and Kathy and Riley sat out on the balcony waiting for the fireworks.

Brian returned in time to enjoy them as well, although Anaheim is chilly enough that we all retreated inside to watch them through windows.

We're all going to sleep now, as tomorrow promises to be a very busy day.

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Kim said...

Oh my! Reading this and seeing the photos just made my entire day! Wonderful!