Thursday, January 3, 2013

Driving Test In The Sumas NEXUS Lane

We had a great time driving up to B.C. on a sunny day to spend the afternoon with Jake and Taegan at Castle Fun Park, thanks to some half-price vouchers we bought on Groupon. Karen treated us to a fine dinner, enhanced by some wonderful "leftovers" (appetizers and desserts) from their New Year's Eve Party.

Driving back around 8:00 p.m. we smugly zipped into the empty NEXUS lane at the Sumas crossing, only to round the corner past the Canadian Immigration building on the left to see the large lighted sign over the booth: Nexus Lane Closed.

Fortunately, there were only six or so cars in line for the one booth that was open. We backed up around the bend, drove through a gap in the barrier posts, backed up once more, and politely got in line behind the last car in the line. Fortunately nobody had followed us down the NEXUS lane. Equally fortunately, no officials accosted us for our "suspicious" behavior.

We're printing out the opening hours at the various crossings - we found them here - and will keep them in the glove box for future reference.

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