Sunday, January 13, 2013

Through A Five-Year-Old's Eyes

It was a long wait for Riley, but finally we hopped in our car to drive the 20 minutes to BLI, Bellingham International Airport.

Parking was easy, Riley pulled her own roll-aboard like an experienced traveler, and the people at the TSA checkpoint, even when they discovered a large corkscrew, complete with knife, in the computer bag of another experienced traveler, Brian.

As soon as we walked into the waiting area, Riley spied a 737 out the window and exclaimed loudly, "What a big plane!", much to the amusement of nearby folks.

Now is the waiting part, but between walks and the good fortune of buying ourselves an upgrade into First Class from Seattle to Orange County, there should be enough to keep her happy until we finally arrive at our hotel tonight.

Updated: This was a great first flight (within Riley's memory) is on a little regional prop plane (ours was a small Embraer)that enabled Riley to look out the window and see the view.

We're in Seattle and about to board for Orange County. Riley's getting some exercise because the next flight will be a "long one" for her at about 2 1/2 hours.

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