Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Third Day Luck

We covered a lot of ground again today. We picked up Fast Passes for the Radiator Springs Car Ride and then wandered from California Adventure to Disneyland in time for a reserved lunch at the Blue Bayou, adjacent to the Pirates of The Caribbean ride.

The lunch was again fairly blah (remind us again not to eat at the fancier Disney establishments) but we also squeezed in a final ride on Pirates. We then stopped by Toon Town before heading back to California Adventure.

It will take awhile to list all of the rides we visited in our three days. Oddly enough, one of the favorites for all of us was a simple "rocket ship" swing ride in California Adventure.

It's still the Magic Kingdom and we'll look forward to a future trip with grandchildren. Riley has been a particular gem. We've enjoyed our time and we think she has too, although she's looking foward to seeing Mommy, Daddy, and her two little brothers tomorrow night.

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